SolarEdge Energy Bank


SolarEdge Energy Hub’s integrated design helps speed up projects and minimize expenses:

  • Reduces the number of costly and lengthy main panel upgrades with PV and battery on the same breaker
  • Saves time with pre-installed meters and CTs
  • Makes retrofits easier—cuts down on battery install time
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How it works

  • Maximizes solar use year-round, and during an outage, with unique, DC-coupled technology – requiring only one power conversion, vs. three conversions with legacy AC-coupled technology
  • Delivers more power at less cost, thanks to an industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency—system owners can maximize solar use and lower utility bills
  • Helps speed up homeowner payback with the exclusive ability to simultaneously charge batteries AND send energy to the grid for credits (where available)

Greater Design Flexibility

Supports more solar and smart energy add-ons:

  • Connects with up to three SolarEdge Energy Banks per inverter** for increased power, savings and independence
  • Compatible with our fast, Level 2 Smart EV Charger for driving on up to 100% sunshine
  • Offers connection to a growing line of smart add-ons, such as smart hot water controllers and smart relays & switches
  • Built for indoor/outdoor and floor/wall mount options

More Backup When the Grid Is Off

Our adaptive power boost feature delivers more power in an outage than the on-grid inverter AC rating:

  • Helps keep the home running in an outage on just one battery
  • Powers more large appliances, like air conditioning and washers & dryers, for longer periods of time during an outage