Smart Planning

While the specifics of plans vary, if there’s a difference between the actual production and quoted production, the installer generally reimburses the homeowner in some way. 

Production Vs Equipment

Production guarantees cover power production, not the physical assets involved in solar production. Most solar installers also offer equipment warranties of up to 25 years on parts like panels, inverters, and racking systems. 

What Is The Multi Gen Plan?

We ensure that “production warranties” are held accountable. Production warranties as the name implies, cover the actual production of a customer’s system, not the physical materials. Right before your warranty is up, we do a thorough check of your system and request new equipment for failing devices covered under warranty.

About our plan

How Does It Work?

Panels that aren’t operating efficiently and up to standards will be replaced and upgraded while under warranty. Our “Multi Generational Plan” is there to assist Home Owners in diagnosing any problems that may result from normal wear and tear or manufacturer deficiency. The plan allows your home to keep producting at 100% utilizing your manufacture/ installer warranty. If panels are failing or not producing as promised we assist in getting your warranty honored! That is our Solar Techs Multi Gen Plan. One way to make sure your panels keep working like new for as long as possible is by signing up for ongoing maintenance — often referred to as O&M (operations and maintenance).

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“We would like you to know that we stand by the quality of our products and services, and that they’re designed for decades of efficient use. ” – Solar Techs

How Do I Enroll?

There is nothing you have to do to enroll in the multi gen plan, it is our production guarantee to every single customer. A lot of these factors can be addressed at the time of system design — for example, making sure your system wiring is designed correctly and shading is calculated accurately — with the right solar software. There are others, like system outages and soiling, that installers can actively mitigate after the install. 

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