Hanwha Q-Cells Q.Peak DUO BLK G10+ 400W

– Blackout Panels

Most people admire the black on black sleek elegant design. So do we, let’s get solar ….and make it look good.

– CEO Ronald W.

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the horizons of speciality Solar panels

Good Solar starts with good people and great materials. It’s what we’re passionate about. Discover how we source, install and work to broaden the horizons of solar awareness.

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QCELL – 400 Watt All Black

  • Output Warranty Term:  30 Years 
  • Materials Warranty Term: 25 Years
  • Labor Warranty Term: Lifetime Multi-Generational

The physical characteristics of a solar panel have an impact on the product’s performance. For example, metrics like efficiency and wattage are based on the type, size, and number of solar cells used in a panel.

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This Is Our Story

We want the best

Commercial Grade Materials

One of the only companies in the USA with the ability to install commercial solar for both residential and businesses.

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Certified Titan NABCEP Installers

Roof Installs

Ground Mount

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Are They Good In Any Weather?

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What does 400 Watt Solar Panels Mean For You?

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Pursuit of Perfection

San Antonio, Texas

Babcock Ranch

Punta gorda, fl

We Install Quality

Solar Techs offers the best installation packages on the market with the highest quality solar panels. The solar attic fan will decrease you energy usage by 15-30% each year. It keeps the cool air in and blows out allergins, mold, dust and bacteria to keep your air quality clean and healthy.

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Lifetime Warranty


We believe in our products, company and services. So we guarantee and back up each installation with a lifetime warranty. Peace of mind 24/7 monitoring.

Energy Efficiency


We are not just an energy company we are a full home energy efficiency company. We are here to extend the life of your HVAC and provide comfort.

Multi Gen Plan

What if the solar panels lose power in 25 years? If/ when your panels fail to produce or fall to 80% or below, we will replace or add panels, to make up for the degradation.

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