Understanding Site Survey

What Is The Site Survey?

2 hours
Site Surveyor will arrive and begin the Solar Site Survey within 2-Hours of the appointment time. Example: 8AM time slot will have arrival between 8-10AM.

Site Surveyor may call to start site survey early if available.

Homeowner needs to be present.


Your site surveyor will take the proper measurements to finalize your solar design. Once this design is finalized by our team we start the permitting process.

trusses in roof? Why Is This Important?

Our NABCEP Certified Installers will send a site survey engineer to make sure the foundation and truss are good enough to support our panels for 40+ years. 

Are You Getting a Ground Mount?

The site survey is important for a ground mount solution. The engineer will take a look for any trenching that may be needed and once again a good solid foundation. We can install a ground mount for almost any and all ground types.

Do You Need an Upgraded Meter?

The site survey is important for several reasons this being the main one. Do you need to upgrade your meter that is on the side of your house. Some homes are still using the old analog meter. If you go solar and you have one of these old meters you will need to upgrade so you can get credit for the energy you sell back to the grid.

How Old Is Your Breaker Box and How Many Do You Have?

There are plenty of reasons why we do the site survey and getting a closer look at your electric panel breaker box will help us determine if there are any electrical upgrades needed in order to get solar. If your circuit breaker box is older than 2000 you will need to get an upgrade. Don’t worry we order that for you.

How Good Is Your Roof?

How old is your roof that you want to put solar on? Will it be suitable for the weight of the panels? Are there missing shingles or soft spots? Do you have a truss we can drill into to properly mount the brackets? The site survey gives us a closer look at the big picture.

Step 1

Savings Report – we take a look at your energy needs and develop a proposal to meet those energy needs with a solar panel array.

step 2

Qualiification – We make sure you can qualify for the program and get you approved in 2 minutes or less!

Step 3

We will set up a site survey and come out and perform all the nessecary research to complete the solar panel installation in a timely manner.