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Are you an experienced sales rep looking for a new opportunity to grow, build, and move into the solar industry? Recruit a team selling by signing up below.

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Pricing FAQ

What is a Team Leader?

Someone who has expirence growing, scaling and managing a team of sales reps and managers. Team leaders that are interested in working with Solar Techs will receive the first month free.

What is a Sales Representative?

Sales reps are the frontline of the organization, the role is very critical to the solar industry. They are responsible for providing clear and accurate explanation and honest pricing to each and every customer. They are responsible for continual communication througout the install process.

What is a Manager?

Someone who is capable of managing a group of sales reps making sure all sales have the required documents, signatures and paperwork completed.

How do we get paid?

Every tihing is direct deposit.

What is the commission ?

Your manager or team leader will give you the commission structure.

Do you offer training ?

We offer the opportunity, the software, and the leads for a successful campaign.

Do you offer health or medical insurance?

Once again, unlike other 1099 solar sales programs you have the ability to get health insurance through our partners from the insurance marketplace for only $29.99/ month

More Questions?

Contact our customer team, we’re here to help.

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communication & Support

We are serious about solar so communication is the only way we stay #1 so let’s connect and stay connected for a fun smooth seemless campaign. We appreciate your support and look forward to a long lasting business partnership. Solar has really grown and there is room for other companies to grow and get established while energy is being dergulated.