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What’s Our Solar Panel Warranty?

The solar panels we use all have a 30 Year Output warranty and a 25 Year Product and Performance Warranty! The warranty stays with the home because people move but houses don’t. Like every other type of electronic, the performance of your solar panels will degrade over time: fortunately, solar panel manufacturers offer a power (or performance) warranty for their products. Power warranties help protect you against atypical degradation of your solar panels, ensuring that the output of your panels won’t fall below a certain level after a set period of time. 

Sustainable Energy Leave a Legacy

At least 98% of nominal power during first year. Thereafter max. 0.5% degradation per year. At least 93.5% of nominal power up to 10 years. At least 86% of nominal power up to 25 years.

What To Expect?

40+ Year Life Span

Enjoy Energy Independance

Large Scale Solar Fields

We are one of the only companies licensed to install commercial grade solar panels on residential rooftops.

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Made By Hand

Locally sourced and manufactured right here in the USA for quick access and delivery.

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Our story

We all have a starting point. 8 years later we are now the largest residential solar install company in the USA

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